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First Tee of North West Florida


Pioneering the Next Generation of Golfers while also incorporation the value the game brings and lifelong lessons it can teach us.

Managed Multiple 10 week classes throughout the year

Created Multiple Marketing Opportunities

Networked with countless students, teachers, and parents.

Business Experience

COX Enterprises

2014, 2016, 2017

2014 1st Internship: Operations Department CIS Intern

2016-2017 2nd and 3rd Internship: Business Intelligence Intern

Learned Website Development

Business Analytics

Management and Time Skils

Risk Aversion

Program Creation

Volunteer Work

IT Basics and Programs

Networking Opportunities

Data Visualization Projects

Comp Languages (CSS, HTML, Java, SQL)

Presented Summer My Projects to VPs, Directors, CIO, 


Graduate Assistant


Active Management of Multiple Sections of 3 or more Online Classes 

Created a Case Study on Big Data 

Held Frequent Discussions with Professors on Student Performance, Course Strategy, and Course Improvements

Understand Multiple Course Platform

Business Organization Affiliations

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