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Search for Professional Events Begins

So, something that really isn’t talked about a lot on the professional stage is the scarcity of actual tournaments there are available in certain areas of the country. You have to factor in the weather because

1) you can’t play golf where there is snow on the ground, so that cancels out winter months up north

2) A lot of big events such as the Web and PGA Tour events are way too expensive and only occur with one day qualifiers or tour school which is only one part of the whole year

3) A lot of mini tour events are played in areas where you can play all year round, have a lot of people, and a lot of golf course. (Aka South Florida, California, and Texas

So finding smaller mini tour events can prove to be a challenge. The bigger mini tour schedules like the Swing Thought and Adams Tour travel around the country but that requires a lot of money upfront and can skyrocket because of traveling fees.

I reside in Pensacola, I was able to find some tournaments in South Florida affiliated with the Moonlight Tour. You pay 100-300 dollars along with a membership fee of 200 and you can compete with 20-50 guys depending on the place and time of the event. They are one day events and they stay in the same area (Usually Orlando Area). If you win you can get some money and you play against good competition, and it’s events like these that keep you focused, tournament ready for big events, play on good golf courses, and doesn’t break your bank to compete.

I've had some success in these tournaments on this tour

But I don’t want to stop there, I want to play in more events and I will keep searching for more to play. If anyone might be able to help me find more professional golf events around the South (Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana) please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Thanks for your support, and lets take this leap together!

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